Who are we?

SoundMan Studio is a pro studio capable of producing pro-level musical and post-production work.

SoundMan Studio is owned and run by SAE certified engineer Abdulla Jamal.

(BA – HONS in Recording arts from SAE Sydney with Middlesex University UK).

We use some of the most praised sound equipment known today such as:

Universal Audio 4-710d tube/solid state preamp

Manley CORE mic pre

GAP pre73 MKII preamp (Neve 1073 style pre)

Oktava, AKG, Sennheiser, Neumann, Telefunken, Audix, sE, Blue, Rode, Shure and Warm Audio microphones.

Universal Audio Apollo interface with UNISON technology

(Tannoy system 1000 & Neumann KH120 monitors).

Note: The studio is located inside a residential premises with separate entrance to the ground floor. Therefore, we regret not to accept walk-in customers, we accept booking and invitation only.